What I Write And Blog About

My last blog was focused ONLY on long-distance relationships, as well as being in a military relationship. But, I ran out of content too fast, and wasn’t proud of what I was writing. So here ARE things that I’m going to be writing about on this blog. I might be adding things later on, but these are things that I know I will be writing about.


Long-distance relationships

They won’t be the heart and soul of this blog anymore, but they are a key aspect in my life, considering I was in one for a long time.

Military relationships 

This too, is staying. My husband is Air Force, so everything is a learning curve for me. Learn with me!


I don’t always know what this means, but I know that I like the aesthetic of it. I’ll be talking about how to be an adult, maybe some recipes, and arts and crafts stuff. I’m also going to start being healthier this year, so I’ll add that in here too. I’ll also do tags and stuff, ones popular on YouTube or Instagram.

Mental health

Everyone needs someone to talk to, and I’m here for you. I have anxiety and depression, and I’m trying to get by without medication.


Being a military wife has its perks- TRAVEL!!! I’ll document my adventures as Adam and I travel around Europe, and anywhere else that we get to while he’s in the military! Along with local cuisine, architecture, history, and scenery. I can’t wait to share my adventure with you!


I love to read, so I’ll probably be doing some book reviews. I also love horses, so as soon as I find a riding barn, I’ll be posting videos, photos, and stories about what it’s like riding. I am also well versed in equine language, so I can answer most any question that you may have about the subject!

Whatever I Want To

If you have an issue with that, please feel free to contact me! It won’t get anywhere, but I appreciate getting messages!