I’m Alone… Now What?

Adam left for his training on Tuesday, and I still can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I’m alone. I’ve been on my own before, and I’ve been without him before, so technically it’s not that different from what I’ve already experienced. What’s different is the fact that I’ve never spent this longContinue reading “I’m Alone… Now What?”

Cambridge Quickie

**Disclaimer: I cannot figure out how to move the pictures so that they look nice, and I’m really sorry about that** Adam and I (finally) got out of the house! Granted, I had to drag him out kicking and screaming, but we did something other than sit in the house, eating and watching Netflix. HeContinue reading “Cambridge Quickie”

Driving Skill: -1

Driving in England is… terrifying. Scary. Nerve-wracking. Panic-inducing. Help! I learned to drive in the United States. Huge roads with lots of extra room, plenty of distance between you and another car that are traveling opposite directions on a two-lane road, shoulders where you can pull off to the side in case of a flatContinue reading “Driving Skill: -1”

How Do I Live Like This?

I haven’t had time to truly process what this means for me… but I’ve made it to England!!! I’ll give you guys a quick rundown on my travels to get here, but it’s not really that exciting. I was sent off by friends and family the night before I left by having fireworks shot offContinue reading “How Do I Live Like This?”

Can’t I Just Apparate To England?

There are many instances where I wish that I could be a Time Lord, like in Doctor Who. I would love to have my own TARDIS, be able to travel the world and see everything in the world, and then go to the past to see what the real Old West was like, and thenContinue reading “Can’t I Just Apparate To England?”

Passport? What Passport?

First of all, this post was supposed to be completely different than it’s going to be. Here’s why… After over six months of waiting, I FINALLY HAVE MY PASSPORT! Do you know what that means? This means that I am officially moving to England! There were a lot of things wrong with the process ofContinue reading “Passport? What Passport?”

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