First Christmas Away From Home

I’ve had plenty of holidays away from my family. I’ve done Thanksgiving on my own a few times now, and plenty of birthdays and Easters without my family by my side. But Christmas is a first. I did it with my in-laws two years ago (they were just my boyfriend’s parents at that time), butContinue reading “First Christmas Away From Home”

Managing The Military: Fantasizing Of The Future

There’s a lot that has to do with the future of the military. You have to think ahead to deployments, and to return dates. You have to think about the good and bad possible outcomes every time they leave the house. But something in our life that we’ve been talking about, is the living situationContinue reading “Managing The Military: Fantasizing Of The Future”

Lifetime Milestones: Failure

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. -Henry Ford One of the major lessons that I’ve learned throughout my (short) life, is Failure. When to fail. When failing isn’t a failure. Learning that failing isn’t wrong, bad, or a disgrace. I’m only 22, so I feel decently ahead of the game in thatContinue reading “Lifetime Milestones: Failure”

Grounding The Helicopter That Is Anxiety

Anxiety rules my life. It’s truly as simple as that. I have so much anxiety about so many things that it makes it increasingly difficult to live a simple A-to-B kind of life. Something as “easy” as making a phone call usually turns into me having an anxiety attack. Going to the store and notContinue reading “Grounding The Helicopter That Is Anxiety”

Setting Up Support Systems; LDR’s

[Written Oct, 2018] Long distance relationships are lonely. Even if you talk to your person every day, it gets lonely. So, because of that, you need a support system. But not just anybody- while your best friend might be some good help to distract you by going to the movies, they don’t really understand what’sContinue reading “Setting Up Support Systems; LDR’s”

Mission Melancholy

Adam is leaving Tuesday for a training mission for close to two weeks. While this isn’t our first time going through him being away from me, and not even our first as a married couple, it’s our first time while we’re living together. It’s my first time going through it without a support system withinContinue reading “Mission Melancholy”

Cambridge Quickie

**Disclaimer: I cannot figure out how to move the pictures so that they look nice, and I’m really sorry about that** Adam and I (finally) got out of the house! Granted, I had to drag him out kicking and screaming, but we did something other than sit in the house, eating and watching Netflix. HeContinue reading “Cambridge Quickie”

Getting Out There

For the record, it’s not that I am unable to make friends. It’s just that I- in all honesty- don’t like them. I have really bad social anxiety in the first place, so making friends is seriously outside of my paygrade. But, since moving to England, I’ve met my ‘Social Quota’ for the YEAR. Seriously.Continue reading “Getting Out There”

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