Driving Skill: -1

Driving in England is… terrifying. Scary. Nerve-wracking. Panic-inducing. Help! I learned to drive in the United States. Huge roads with lots of extra room, plenty of distance between you and another car that are traveling opposite directions on a two-lane road, shoulders where you can pull off to the side in case of a flatContinue reading “Driving Skill: -1”

Fighting Friendly Fire

Adam and I are in the middle of a fight right now. Not surprisingly, it’s about the state of the house. The lack of clean laundry. The fact that he promised a clean house and car for when I got here and neither are even remotely sanitary. I’m mad at him for leaving the houseContinue reading “Fighting Friendly Fire”

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Australian Traveller that loves to "Roam" our globe, creator of ENDLESSROAMING.COM sharing the experience through word and photography. Currently residing in my home of Newtown Sydney but hope to be back on the road late 2020. Feedback / questions are more than welcome, happy travels

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I want to be rich. Rich in love, rich in health, rich in laughter, rich in adventure and rich in knowledge. You?

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“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis


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