Betrayal: The Hidden Truth by Aqsa Amjad

Betrayal: The Hidden Truth

Aqsa Amjad

Thriller, Mystery



Not everyone can say that they’ve witnessed their mother’s murder at age fifteen, never mind admit to killing their father. Forced into a crime she never wanted to commit, Alexis runs in fear of being caught. With the help of young Jack, she navigates her way through the forest before seeking refuge with her nasty stepmother. For three years, she is safe, but all good things come to an end. Alexis finds herself locked in a dark cell, all alone. Falling out with Jill, she is reunited with Jack, is stuck with Nick, and finds out her secret power. Love has become a game, and they are all playing to get who they want. Nick promises to help her escape from the clutches of his cruel father. Believing Nick can help her, she sticks with him, becoming closer—so close that by the time she realizes who he really is, it is too late. She’s cursed, and Marcus claims he can help her. Alexis soon learns that there’s a price for everything, even if she isn’t in a state to pay it.

My Thoughts:

**This book was gifted to me from the father of the author, with whom I have been in constant contact with through the duration of the reading and review process.**

Aqsa Amjad is an emerging author with a taste for adventure, suspense, thrills, and the occasional romantic twist. Coupled with budding talent and the dedication to get there, Aqsa has provided us with a work wise beyond her years. This full length novel follows the life of 15 year old Alexis who was the witness to her own mother’s brutal execution. Now on the run to find the truth of her family’s demise, she teams up with Jack, Nick, and Marcus to unravel the mystical world she is suddenly thrust into.

Staying honest to myself and my readers, this is a book in which the authors inexperience is evident to me. While talented as she is, even mature authors are always looking for places to grow. I continue to be in contact with her father, offering my own hints and tips for improving the quality of work that her gifted mind is already producing.

I find the action well paced, with just the right amount of mystery interwoven with the complex narrative including fantastical creatures and a twisting plot that catches you time and time again. It’s intriguing with an interesting plot that I haven’t really seen explored before. I believe the characters could have been a little more fully formed, but I’m attributing that to the youthfulness of the author.

Writing is a muscle, and just as with any muscle, you must work it for it to grow stronger. The author is well on her way to developing a very strong “writing muscle” and I look forward to her future works. I give this work a lower rating with the realization that this authors talent will grow as she does.


Rating: 3.5/5


Where To Find: Amazon (physical and e-book)

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