Managing The Military: Fantasizing Of The Future

There’s a lot that has to do with the future of the military. You have to think ahead to deployments, and to return dates. You have to think about the good and bad possible outcomes every time they leave the house. But something in our life that we’ve been talking about, is the living situation if/when we get back to the states if/when he ever leaves the military. Notice all those ‘if/when’ scenarios? There are a lot of those, and it’s hard to live like that. But, by talking about the /when and not the if/ side of it, more things for us tend to get done.

body of water beside green leaved trees under blue cloudy sky

One of the /when things we have been talking about is where we plan to live. He hails from the “king” state of New York, and I hail from the pot capital of Colorado (I don’t smoke it or like it, for your information). I don’t want to live up north because I really hate the snow and freezes they get. We’ve also agreed not to come back to Colorado because it’s so freaking expensive- even though I love the state! So, now we’re stuck on where to move to. Granted we have a few years to think about all of this, but I like being able to plan things out. That’s how I’ve always been. See, I want to look for a location that is equine friendly, and has good schools, but is hopefully out of snowstorm and hurricane range. Adam refuses to leave the East Coast if he has any say in anything. Obviously, we have a lot to talk about.

I am an academically driven person, while Adam is physically driven. Which says a lot… about both of us. Anyway, he wants to give our FUTURE children opportunity for all the sports they may want. I want to give them a well-rounded education from schools that have well-funded arts and music programs. Don’t get me wrong, if our future kids want to play soccer, I’m all for it, and if they want to join STEM then Adam would be excited for that as well. Finding schools with high graduation rates is something I really want for future kids, but I know that Adam would rather look into good sports programs that they have available. I expect our kids to either take after him or me, but nothing in-between.

brown and green mountain view photo

It’s not just potential schools that we’re looking at though. Something we’ve taken into consideration is the weather. For instance, I refuse to live in New York because of all the snow and ice storms they get. I hate shoveling sidewalks. I hate driving on snow and ice. Horses get stupid in the snow. Nope. South Carolina is really nice, and I can deal with the humidity, but I would be concerned about hurricane damage. Same with Georgia and Alabama. Gorgeous states, but those hurricanes! California is in a huge drought, and it rains too much in Washington state. Oklahoma is a no because of the tornados- I’ve dealt with them before, but Adam never has. And Adam doesn’t like farming states like Wyoming or Nebraska since they’re “too flat”. There’s a lot to think about. I like Texas, and my brother moved there a little over a year ago and loves it, but Adam doesn’t like Texan’s being proud of who they are. Then again, he does the exact same thing about being from New York, so he’s been scolded a few times on being a hypocrite. I don’t mind cities, but I love my open spaces. Adam is the exact opposite.

three person riding horse on concrete road between buildings

Jobs are another thing we’re looking into. When he gets out of the Air Force, Adam wants to be a cop, maybe even go into detective and forensics. I want to stay working with horses, either training or breeding, or even just riding for someone else. Police stations are basically always hiring, but it’s a lot harder to find work with horses. Now I can make do by being a stall cleaner, but I’d rather do actual work. Anywhere East of the Mississippi River is going to be English style riding, while West of the Mississippi River (Yes, I had to spell Mississippi every time with mountain-stick-crooked letter…) would be Western style riding. Breeding programs are everywhere around the country, but I would rather ride than breed. Adam and I are supportive of one another’s want’s within the job aspect, but we also know that horse jobs are harder to come by in populated areas. Hey Adam, ever thought about being a mounted police officer?!

It’s tough for me to accept that fact that everything I’ve said is probably going to be thrown down the drain in a few years if he ends up staying in the military. That too is something we’ve been talking about. How about raising kids as military brats? Traveling the world, going to school in lots of different countries, learning cultures different from America before living there? I think it would be really amazing, but I know that Adam isn’t the biggest fan of being in the military. I should write a post on that…

man wearing military uniform and walking through woods

Basically, all of this is just up in the air for now. Wild fantasies and hopes and dreams. It sucks, but it’s the truth. I wish I could look for preschools right now, and look for houses with land zoned for horses. I wish I could join pages of small towns to get a feel of the environment. I wish that I didn’t have to work my life around a schedule that is so unpredictable, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way right now. Adam is my future, and he is my stability. So while thoughts for kids and good schools and what the weather is going to be like is going to be in the back of my mind, focusing on getting through these next few years as a whole is my job. His job? Survive his upcoming deployment. Literally.

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