Lifetime Milestones: Failure

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. -Henry Ford

One of the major lessons that I’ve learned throughout my (short) life, is Failure. When to fail. When failing isn’t a failure. Learning that failing isn’t wrong, bad, or a disgrace. I’m only 22, so I feel decently ahead of the game in that I know it’s ok to fail. Note: failing doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. It just means that you’re learning. You learned how to not do something, and that is growth.

Failure for me has always been something that I’ve struggled with. I struggle in accepting that I am allowed to fail at certain things. And as far as failing goes, there’s nothing wrong with it, AS LONG as it doesn’t become a habit. I’ve been told often, and from a young age, that I’m not good enough and that I should strive to be better. Failure wasn’t an option.

My parents weren’t mean. They weren’t bad for saying this. In fact, I wouldn’t be the amazing human (and adult) that I am had they not pushed for me to strive for greatness. But it wasn’t until I really got into horses did I understand that failing isn’t a death sentence. Failing is the chance for growth. With horses, you HAVE to fail. If you don’t fail, you don’t get better. Horses taught me many lessons, and I reference them in many aspects of my day-to-day life. But learning to fail is something that I gained from their confidence.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned from failing at them:

-How to pop a bag of popcorn (there were many burned bags in my youth)

-How to be angry without increasing my anxiety (another horse-taught lesson)

-My handwriting (I’m always improving my penmanship)

To fail is to learn. And I would much rather learn through my mistakes than having never taken the chance in the first place. So… fail. Fail delicately. Fail deeply. Fail painfully. Skinned knees and road rash are all signs that you tried. And trying is succeeding, even if you fail.


4 thoughts on “Lifetime Milestones: Failure

  1. Well written and true. wasn’t it Edison who failed nearly 10,000 times before coming up with a working light bulb? Keep on ‘failing’ dear niece. Love ya.

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