My Bookshelf

A wooden glider chair, decorated with plush green cushions. Musty smelling. Curled into my mother’s warm arms, together we read. We started with Dr. Suess. He’s still my all-time favorite author. He taught me to read, to imagine, and to enjoy books. We graduated to Roald Dhal. He’s yet another favorite that I can turn to for a quick smile. He taught me chapters. Chapters in books, chapters in life.

Books were my first friends. They guided me through childhood, supplying my imagination with swirling fantasies of dragons, knights in shining armor, talking unicorns, and basically anything else that lived in a castle. They taught me to be kind to myself just as much to others. They taught me to be generous with my words and forthcoming with my kindness. Books are my allies. They are my past, present, and future.

Not to mention that they taught me colorful words before my time (sorry mom for saying those out loud. Sorry sister for ‘maybe’ blaming you).

I’m a book person. I’m a writer. I’m a reader. I’m an overactive imagination. I get lost in fantasy worlds. I’m an addict to the written word. Now let me share with you my books.




Reviewing Books:





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