I Suck At Blogging!!

I had a revelation the other day. But, it starts a few months ago. See, on a FaceBook page that I’m apart of, I let people know that I would be blogging about being a military wife. About being in a long distance relationship. Well, I did blog… for about a minute. But see, I have trouble keeping up with things. I get so ahead of myself mentally that I physically cannot catch up. Until the other day.

I got a message on my personal page from somebody in that group. It said: ‘Hey, I know this is kind of creepy, but I saw your post from a few months ago and was hoping that you were still blogging. My fiance wants to stay in the military long term, and I’m lost for how to accept the fact that if he stays in, he will have to do a year-long tour. If he stays in, that tour would start in a few months. I’m lost on how to handle this situation.” I messaged her back saying that I would be willing to talk with her if she would like and that I was still blogging, if just poorly. Well, I went to message her again, and the messages are deleted. I guess she doesn’t want to talk.

But that’s where this post comes into play. I am truly awful at blogging. One hundred seventy-three point four percent AWFUL. I’m not bad at writing, just bad at staying on top of writing. My goal for this year was to be a better blogger and to help more people in the tough kind of situations that I have, am, and will be in.

Bare with me as I struggle through this blogging thing- I’m new to it, and like most new things, it takes practice. I might start doing every-day blogs, more or less a journal about the things that are going on in my life. I haven’t been able to do that recently because I haven’t had much of a life. But that’s changing. So now here I am, finally exploring the world, learning who truly is on my side, and I’m going to do my best to make a positive change in my own life. Because while I want to make other people’s lives easier, my happiness comes before anyone else’s.


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