Driving Skill: -1

Driving in England is… terrifying. Scary. Nerve-wracking. Panic-inducing. Help!

I learned to drive in the United States. Huge roads with lots of extra room, plenty of distance between you and another car that are traveling opposite directions on a two-lane road, shoulders where you can pull off to the side in case of a flat tire or an emergency vehicle. ENGLAND DOESN’T HAVE ANY OF THOSE.


I drove for the first time on Monday, and I was literally screaming the entire time. I was so terrified that I ended up having a panic attack! I haven’t had a true panic attack in a few years, so that shook me up even more. I was actually crying- ask my husband, it was the worst 5-minute drive of my entire life. Granted, I was on actual British roads and not on the base, but even base roads aren’t much better. The people are a little more understanding, however.

Since Monday, I’ve actually been driving quite a bit. Only on the base, but still. Parking I’ve found to be a lot easier in a car where the steering wheel is on the right-hand side. Though keeping the car in the center of the road is difficult. I have a tendency to drift to the left- I think because I’m so used to holding my steering wheel to that side to stay on the road. But now it’s all completely backward. I took out a bush, but other than that, I haven’t hit anybody or anything. Can’t say that for my mom- she hit a deer the other day. She’s fine, but the car is a little banged up. Not sure what happened to the deer though. I’m getting off topic…


I have to get better at driving though. Adam leaves in about two weeks to go to a training in Germany. He’s only going to be gone for a few weeks, but I’m still terrified of him leaving and me not being able to get around. It’s not that I’m worried about getting lost- that’s what GPS and maps are for. I’m just scared that if something happens, I won’t have my husband to turn to for help. I don’t exactly have the best track record while driving. Speeding ticket here or there, I got into a fender bender just a few days before I came here, and I totaled my car when I was sixteen because of black ice. I also can’t see very well in the dark, even when I am wearing my contacts.

I have friends here who can help me out though, and that’s the good thing. They’re absolutely amazing people to be around. In fact, I’ll have to write a post about some of the parties that they’ve invited me to.

dad text.jpg

Anyway, I guess I can say that I’m starting to get used to driving. I don’t scream anymore, so that’s a total plus. Even my dad was joking with me about that! He’s super proud of me for coming out here and taking this huge step in my life. A simple way to repay him is to not get into any accidents while I’m here. Pray for me?

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I'm not much of one for bragging about myself, so I won't really. Check out my social media- I post on my IG and Snapchat all of the time, so hit me up! I love to spread the love and hope to do it more. That's why I'm writing this blog- share my experiences and worries so that others know that they don't have to go through theirs alone.

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