Getting Out There

For the record, it’s not that I am unable to make friends. It’s just that I- in all honesty- don’t like them. I have really bad social anxiety in the first place, so making friends is seriously outside of my paygrade. But, since moving to England, I’ve met my ‘Social Quota’ for the YEAR. Seriously. I’d be ok with never talking to another human again. Wait, wait, wait, let me back up a moment. Why am I talking about friends?!

While Adam was here in England on his own, he made some friends with the people that he worked with. One of these people is Josh. Josh and his wife, Micah, “adopted” Adam into their little family. Now, because Adam was adopted by Josh and Micah, when I arrived, I was adopted by them as well!

What does that mean? Well, that means that I now have a new best friend. A few days after meeting them, Micah invited me to go to Bingo with her and a couple of work buddies. So I go and I met probably 15 other wives. Everybody has a different name. And I’m not entirely sure that I could tell you anyone’s name right now. There were so many people. After bingo, we all went to the bar next door (by this point I’m dead inside so I’m just going with it) where I met more wives and their husbands who show up after their days.

Well, we party until close to midnight and then Adam and I head home. SURPRISE! We have to get up super early the next morning so that Adam can go hang out with his skater buddies- Josh included. That means that I spent the entire day with Micah and her two littles. After the full day of us looking at vacations and talking about the fact that our husbands abandoned us, something else happened. Micah said that one of her friends was going to be hosting a Pure Romance party just down the street.

So. I decided to go with. Partially to meet more people, but partially because I hadn’t ever been to a Pure Romance party. For those of you who don’t know, Pure Romance is all about sex. Toys, lube, games, lingerie. Anyways, it was the dirtiest party that I’ve ever been to. So many dick jokes. Anyway, I met probably 20+ more people, and none of them were repeat’s from bingo the previous night. That’s a LOT of people to meet, especially for someone who doesn’t like socializing.

I mostly wanted to talk to you guys about this because I’m really proud of myself for meeting these people and hanging out with them without killing anybody!

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