My First Time…

That’s it, I’m hopping aboard the YouTube bandwagon of doing the My First Time tag. I got this tag off of google- copy and paste- so don’t knock me too hard if the questions don’t make sense. Want to know 56 things about me? Well, hang on because this is going to be a roller coaster! Want me to do another tag? Let me know in the comments, or contact me through Instagram or Twitter!

  1. First app you check when you wake up in the morning? Whatsapp. It’s how I talk to the husband, so it’s the most important.
  2. First broken bone? My middle finger… yeah. I was the most/least popular kid in the 3rd grade because of it, lmao
  3. First foreign country you ever visited? Mexico when I was… 7?
  4. First Instagram, twitter or Facebook post? Fuck if I know.
  5. First make-up item I had some clear mascara and some tinted lip glosses. But I didn’t ahve to buy my own stuff because I had an older sister.
  6. First plane ride you ever went on? Hawaii when I was 3ish.
  7. First time I ever got into trouble at home and school? I was a sassy child- ‘nough said.
  8. First time you were allowed to put on make-up I used to do dance when I was little, so I was allowed to wear “real” makeup for recitals. IDK I was probably 5-7
  9. First YouTuber you subscribed to? No idea
  10. First time you went shopping on your own? My parents would let me lose in Barnes and Noble whenever we went, so does that count?
  11. My first BF/GF? I didn’t even have a fake boyfriend. I had my first boyfriend in junior year. Lasted about a month, I broke it off. His name is Collin and he’s getting married at Disneyland this year…
  12. My First car? Ford Fiesta
  13. My first Celebrity crush? Jessee McCartney and Orlando Bloom
  14. My first cooking experience? Making cookies and stuff with my grandma
  15. My first crush? Oooh… Jake from second grade. He looks like Sherlock Holmes.
  16. My first ever boyfriend? Collin
  17. My first ever cell phone? Old school flip phone. I was only allowed to have one because I had to ride the bus in 7th grade.
  18. My first ever date? He took me to a golf course, where he worked… we didn’t even play golf.
  19. My first ever girlfriend? I kissed a couple of girls in my past, but never had a girlfriend.
  20. My first ever kiss? My real first kiss? With my best friend J when we were just little kids. My first kiss that actually counts? Jordan. It was… slimy.
  21. My first fear? My dad having to get back on planes after 9/11
  22. My first friend in college? Chaunte. Now we’re civil.
  23. My first heartbreak? My “friends” telling Jake from second grade that I liked him.
  24. My first Instagram post? It was about Robin Williams.
  25. My first internet activity? Club fucking Penguin
  26. My first job? I worked in a toy store when I was 14, but I did odd jobs for my parents before that
  27. My first language? English
  28. My first love? Books
  29. My first pet? My cat Daphne. Got her when I was 7. She was still drinking milk, and she’s never left my side since. I’m almost 22 and she still follows me around.
  30. My first piercing and when did I get it? Got my ears pierced in middle school.
  31. My first sexual experience? Hehehe, not talking
  32. My first swear word? Fuck
  33. My first tattoo? A piano exploding with color. I’ll talk about my tattoo experience eventually.
  34. My first thought today? Why the fuck is it so windy? (got woken up at 5am by the wind)
  35. My first time on a plane? I think I puked. I was~3
  36. My first time on a ship? Took a ferry out of Seattle a little over a year ago.
  37. My first time on a train? Never been, but I want to!
  38. My first toy? Lincoln logs, barbies, and my stuffy elephant cleverly named Elephant. I’ve still got him, and sleep with him every night.
  39. My first tweet? I deleted that account, so I don’t know.
  40. My first YouTube video? Probably about horses.
  41. My online profile picture? My FB picture is one where I look hot af
  42. The first book I remember reading? My mom always read Dr Seuss to me, so them for sure. But I’ve probably read 1,000 books in my life, so I can’t tell anymore when they were read.
  43. The first concert I ever attended? First paid for concert was Toto in my first year of college. But there’s a fair in my grandparents town every year that have AMAZING bands that I’ve been listening to since the beginning. Dolly Parton, Styx, Quiet Riot, Garth Brooks…
  44. The first movie I remember seeing? Snow White on VHS.
  45. The first person I talked to today? My husband via text. Actual talking was my mom.
  46. The first person that ever broke my heart? Austin. He wouldn’t be my boyfriend when we were in the first grade.
  47. The first person you text when something exciting happens? My husband, or my sister.
  48. The first text I sent today? I Love You- always to my husband.
  49. The first thing I do every morning? Hate the fact that I’m awake.
  50. The first thing I do when I get home? Eat.
  51. The first time you ever got drunk? My sister got me drunk… off of ONE vodka cranberry. I was 21, married, and at a bar where SHE was the bartender.
  52. The first wedding I attended? Don’t remember- I’ve been to a lot. We have a massive extended family.
  53. When did you go to your first party? If birthday parties count, I was very little. If they don’t count… IDK
  54. When did you have your first sleepover? 7?8?
  55. First time I got a speeding ticket? I was 20, and yes it was expensive.
  56. First time I got in a fist fight? I’ve punched a couple of horses before for trying to bite me, but I’ve never gotten in a fight with a person before.


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