How Do I Live Like This?

I haven’t had time to truly process what this means for me… but I’ve made it to England!!! I’ll give you guys a quick rundown on my travels to get here, but it’s not really that exciting.


I was sent off by friends and family the night before I left by having fireworks shot off in my honor that ended up with having the cops being called on us because we ended up scaring some livestock… oops! But I finished packing that night, and my parents and I went out to have a nice lunch the next day. We left our little farming town at about 1pm, getting to the airport at about 3pm. I said my goodbye’s to Blucifer (the blue demon horse with red eyes that greets you at DIA) and then had my parents walk me to the security gate. Mom cried, dad said how proud he was of me, and then I went to the gate to board my GIANT freaking plane.


I’m telling you, this thing was GIANT. I’ve never been on a plane this big. It was three seats, four seats, three seats. I was on the aisle of the three seats and had a dad and his little boy (under 5) sitting next to me. BTW, he was the cutest dad in the whole world. He always talked to his son in the cutest way- “yes, my boy”, “of course, my boy”… I literally melted. The wife and other little boy were in the four seats across from us, and myself and another man ended up passing things between the parents for the duration of the 9-hour flight. It wasn’t that bad, especially once it got to bedtime for the boys. But the little one next to me was crying because he couldn’t sleep, and the little one with mom was throwing up… poor things! Anyways, I woke up about two hours later cuddling the dad’s arm, and none of us said anything.


Getting into Heathrow, it wasn’t as confusing going through customs that I thought that it would be. Granted I didn’t go where I had to go, I didn’t get quite lost. Thank you to all of the airport workers who had to help me and other’s who got “lost” through customs and such. Anyways, I found Adam shortly after and from there it was just a two-hour wait for the bus, and a two-hour bus ride to the base, and then a 10-minute car ride to the house. I’ve been mostly asleep ever since.

As far as driving on the wrong side of the road, it’s not the worst. The weird part for me is that I want to reach up and correct the review mirror, but I can’t! Granted that I haven’t driven yet (as I don’t have my British license) but it’s actually not that bad driving on the right-hand side of the road. It’s really really dark here though. I’m used to the dark, but I’m used to having stars and a moon to guide me. I can’t even figure out which way North is because I can’t find the North Star! It’s freaking me out a little bit. I’m also used to seeing cattle and I have yet to see any livestock except for a few horses really far off of the road.

I also haven’t had all that many adventures yet, apart from going shopping with my HUSBAND!!!!! We got pillows, towels, I got some shampoo and mouthwash, and of course, my new blanket. Other than that we got sushi, met a few of Adam’s friends.


Cool Things I’ve Found Since Being Here:

-The roofs of houses all have moss growing on them! It’s absolutely adorable!

-The crosswalks have blinky-lights next to them to tell drivers to watch for pedestrians.

-I saw a lady walking her dog and it made me smile.

-Lucifer isn’t on British Netflix but The Big Bang Theory is, and I’m drying with happiness.



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