Last Day In The States!

Jan 9, 2019, is my last day in the United States for a good while, and I am so excited! I’m trying to keep you all informed of what’s going on, so I’m sorry if I start posting a whole bunch in these next few days.

Last night was my last night on the town with my sister and friends. I met up with Sam and she and I went to meet her boyfriend for the first time (I was allowed to interrogate him), then she and I headed out to the barn to say one final goodbye to my horse. We also said goodbye to my old trainer and some of my friends out there. I only cried for a moment when I put Mercedes back in her pen for the last time. But she’s going to be spoiled rotten by two little girls who absolutely love her. After we hung out there for a little while, Sam and I met up with my sister for an awesome dinner of Chinese.

After we went to dinner, we got a call from my sister’s friend Amy who invited us to the American Legion for drinks- to which I happily obliged as I am now a military dependent- and we hung out there for probably an hour. After that, we invited a few more friends out to the bar where my sister works. We shut the place down and had a grand time doing so. The company was probably the best way to send me off. I got to have some really good conversations with people that I might have never been able to, had I not seen them before I left. I also repaired a bridge that had been damaged over these past few years with someone very close to my sister. It was an awesome night. I didn’t drink though, and for once, everyone was ok with it. Everyone was so mature about the whole thing, and I am so grateful to their companionship.

I also put out on Facebook yesterday that I was moving, and while I know that I’m not the most popular person in the world, I’ve only gotten a few people saying goodbye outside of my family. While I love those that I do talk to, it just reiterates the fact that I’m ready for a new start. New friends, new family, new country.

I get on a plane tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll wind up at the airport at 9:30 the following morning. Yikes! I’m just hoping that I can get some good sleep on the plane. I’ll try to add some pictures of the behemoth plane I’m going to be on. Seriously- I’m going to be on one of those double-decker planes! Anyways, I thought I should just update y’all pretty quickly since I won’t have my phone to talk to people once I’m overseas. I’ll get one once I’m there, but I’m going to have to rely on my computer for communications.


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