Can’t I Just Apparate To England?

There are many instances where I wish that I could be a Time Lord, like in Doctor Who. I would love to have my own TARDIS, be able to travel the world and see everything in the world, and then go to the past to see what the real Old West was like, and then get home in time for dinner. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to befriend a Time Lord, so this proposal is a little out of the question. So what’s with me wanting to have a TARDIS?

Well, now that I have my passport, I’m getting my plane ticket. I go to my “local” airport and leave the country on Thursday the 10th, and I will be arriving in England on Friday the 11th’s morning. But I am terrified. Absolutely shitting myself because I am so scared about all of this.

Granted, for the past six months I’ve been telling everyone how absolutely ready I am to leave the country, start my new life, and get on with the adventures. But now that it’s finally here? My anxiety is through the roof. I’m sweating bullets. I’m all of the cliche’s wrapped in a blanket of uncertainty. Because now that I’m no longer talking about moving, and am actually doing it, the prospect of leaving everything that I know is very daunting. As ready as I am to be with my husband (finally) and start this new life together, I’ve never been that far away from home before.

I’ve lived in another state, sure, but even then it was only an 8-hour drive to get back home. And let’s face it, in the United States, that’s not that long of a drive. But an international flight with a possible layover? That’s at least nine hours on an airplane. While I’ve been flying all of my life (I grew up privileged), I’ve never gone overseas before, so this is an entirely new experience for me. Well, I’ve never had to do anything for it- last time I was “overseas” it was the Bahamas, and I was only like… 12? But now I’m doing this on my own, and flying to a new country on my own, and I cannot contain my worry anymore.

I suppose that I have to look at this as an adventure, though. I used Lord Of The Rings references with my husband, but I’m a Harry Potter kind of gal. If I could just Apparate into England without the worry of customs, getting lost in an unfamiliar airport, or for some reason getting arrested and detained, that would be awesome. But as far as looking at this like an adventure, I just have to believe that I’m going to Hogwarts. Getting to the airport is like arriving at King’s Cross Station. Going through security is like going through Platform 9 3/4. Getting on the plane isn’t that different from boarding the Hogwarts Express, I suppose. Hagrid at the Hogwarts side of the train station would be played by Adam… he too is large and fairly hairy. The bus ride from the airport to the Air Force base is like Hagrid taking the First Years across the lake. And seeing the castle for the first time wouldn’t be unlike getting to the house that Adam has been living in for the past six months, which will finally be OURS.

Hi, if you don’t know this by now, I use similies and metaphors a lot because they help me work out the issues in my life. Quite honestly, I’m feeling better about all of this already. My heart rate is slower, and while I’m still shaking, that might just be from low blood sugar. I’m so ready to be on this adventure. But I think the real reason that I’m so scared about all of this is that I won’t have my family right beside me anymore. Yes, there’s video calls, texting, and even the forever-loved snail-mail, it’s just weird that I can’t pop home for dinner.

hogwarts acceptance.jpg

But I have a new family now. His name is Adam. We have an extended family called the Air Force. So while I will be away from the home that I’ve known and loved for so many years, I’ll be in a new home, with a new family, with the opportunity to make new memories. So, here’s to getting my Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail.

2 thoughts on “Can’t I Just Apparate To England?

  1. Keep your head up! It’s totally natural that you freak out, but you are doing it anyways. What would life be without being scared and getting out of your comfort Zone. Once you’re with your Partner everythin will fall into place. Be Harry Potter!!! Loved that reference so much, haha! I am looking forward to your posts in the future. 🙂

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