Passport? What Passport?

First of all, this post was supposed to be completely different than it’s going to be. Here’s why…

After over six months of waiting, I FINALLY HAVE MY PASSPORT! Do you know what that means? This means that I am officially moving to England! There were a lot of things wrong with the process of me getting my passport, and I might explain later, but for right now I am just completely ecstatic!

The process from here is to do a whole bunch of laundry, pack my suitcases, clean my car, get my cat set up with my parents (and educate them on how to send her over to England once the weather gets nicer), get a plane ticket, say my final goodbyes, and LEAVE THE FREAKING COUNTRY! It’s January of 2019, and I haven’t seen my husband since August of 2018. I’m used to not seeing him, but it still hurts! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am right now!

I don’t cry and I’ve been crying basically all day because of this. Not only do I not cry, but I just don’t cry happy tears. I just don’t. There’s only ever been one time in my life that I’ve cried happy tears, and that was a few years ago. And now? Now I’m a freaking waterfall. It’s quite disgusting if I am totally honest with you all.

What’s going to happen with the blog? Nothing! In fact, it’s going to be getting better, because I will have travel posts coming out soon! This will be my first time in England and my first time in Europe. Boy oh boy do Adam and I have plans made to go to all these different countries while we’re together!

I know that this post is super short, but I can’t function well enough to write more than this right now! I could write 8,000 words about how excited I am, and how long of a roller coaster it was to get this fucking passport. But here we are, and I will be with you guys every step of the way! Check out my Instagram for ALL of the updates! I’ll be posting travel photos, food photos, and life photos! There’s another Instagram link in my CONTACT ME page!

I’M SO EXCITED!!!! (Even if my picture doesn’t seem like I am, lol)


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