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My mamma, brother, sister, me, and my dad!

Hey guys! I figure that I should do an ‘About Me’ considering that I have yet to make one of those. Here goes…

I’m Erika, a horse loving, book addicted, happily married woman, and I have no clue what I am doing with my life.

I was born and raised in the heart of Colorado, just outside of Denver. But for as much as I was a city girl, the country has always been home. My mom’s parents are (now retired) farmers, and she grew up raising cattle, hogs, chickens, and the odd turkey for slaughter. I spent every single summer living with my grandparents in the middle of BFN and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for all they taught me about animal husbandry. I also grew up taking horse riding lessons. I started when I was seven- about the same age that I started taking piano lessons- and never stopped. I got to the point where I wasn’t even taking lessons anymore… I was helping my instructor to give them, as well as helping to train the green horses that we had on property.

I ended up going to a junior college out on the eastern plains of Colorado for an Equine Management degree, a.k.a. horse training! Yes, they can train you to train horses. I almost died a few times, but the bruises are worth the lessons I learned. I can’t wait to get my own horse again, and I plan on adopting one and training it from scratch, or buying one off of a feedlot. Because those horses are dead freaking broke.

I married the love of my life on July 27, 2018. He’s in the Air Force, so I gained a MASSIVE family that day. The military has always been a part of my life. My uncle retired from the Navy a couple of years back, and I had plenty of high school friends join the service. Now, I’m married to the service. But dang, I couldn’t ever join. I don’t have the kahunas for it!

Otherwise, there isn’t much to me. I love to read, play piano, ride horses, write, sing, watch Netflix, and eat. Have any questions? Find my Contact Me page where there are a few ways to get a hold of me! Happy trails!

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